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Modern Metals by Plowman Brothers Ltd is a range of professionally designed, contemporary products for the Garden; modern metals outdoor communal planters

Communal Space Solutions

Durability, practicality, security and longevity are key features of all our products suited for the commercial environment; Modern yet functional.

We have worked with councils, commercial landscape contractors and property developers. We consistently aim to insure that the maintenance costs of commercial products are kept to a minimum without compromising on style and function.


Our planters low maintenance, robust structure (galvanised steel, stainless steel or Aluminium), makes them a long term option for most councils and developers. They can be bolted down, reducing their vulnerability to theft and if required watering tubes, forklift pockets and lifting eyes can be incorporated to suit specific requirements.

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Whitburn School

Plowman Brothers worked with the Architects on the development and created a unique, long lasting and easy maintenance solution to the schools stunning outdoor area.

Our standard commercial Lawn Edging is available in a range of lengths and corner angles. Edging is fabricated from 4mm mild steel and then fully hot dip galvanised, it can be installed to suit pedestrian, light or heavy road traffic.

Lawn edging not only looks great and offers protection to the edges of grassed areas which are most susceptible to becoming muddy and unsightly. But also can be utilized as a cable channel or even have outdoor lighting installed.

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Heavy Duty Galvanised Lawn Edging by Plowman Brothers               Heavy Duty Galvanised Lawn Edging by Modern Metals

Heavy Duty Galvanised Lawn Edging

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